dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 and Takasago Corporation partner to support the next generation of farmers

Contact: Jessica Manly, Communications Director, National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition, 518-643-3564 x722

Hudson, New York (December 10, 2020) – The National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition is pleased to receive financial support from the Takasago Corporation to build the Coalition’s strategic communication efforts. This financial support from Takasago will assist the Coalition in amplifying their messaging and increase their network of advocates and supporters working to build a bright and equitable future for agriculture.

The Takasago Corporation is invested in building a brighter future for agriculture and supporting the next generation of young farmers and ranchers.

“We are proud to support the National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition. This partnership is aligned with Takasago’s environmental and social sustainability commitments, providing a unique opportunity to help U.S. farmers, preserve the earth and protect our nation’s food supply,” said Takasago’s Joe Lattarulo, General Manager, Fragrance Division.

“We are so pleased to receive this generous support from Takasago, a corporation that values building a brighter future for agriculture, and resourcing young farmer leaders working to solve some of the toughest challenges in our food system,” said the National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition’s Communications Director Jessica Manly. “To say that 2020 has been a challenging year for small, diversified farmers is an understatement, and support to help us further our mission during this time is crucial.”

Specific efforts supported by Takasago include funding a new Communications Associate role at the Coalition and the creation of a dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 short film. The dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 short film, to be released on December 4, 2020, illustrates the Coalition’s history and vision for a more sustainable and equitable future for U.S. farming. The Coalition was honored to partner with award winning filmmaker, Jon Bowermaster of Oceans 8 Films, and several farmer leaders across the country to tell the story of the challenges they face and how the Coalition is working to solve these challenges through organizing, advocacy, and structural change.

The National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition is grateful for the Takasago Corporation’s investment in its communications efforts, and looks forward to using this opportunity to greatly expand its advocacy network, supporters, and partners across the country.

The National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition (dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版) is an advocacy network of farmers fighting for a brighter, more equitable future for U.S. agriculture. Visit dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 on the web at , and on Twitter , Facebook , YouTube and Instagram .

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