February 2022 Updates

As the days are getting longer and many of us are preparing for spring, we hope you are finding ways to rest and take good care of yourselves. At the end of Black History Month, we invite in words of feminist scholar and revolutionary, Angela Davis:

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change…I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

Let us build and maintain our fire as individuals and a collective to sustain our work for justice in agriculture and beyond. Check out these updates and opportunities from the dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 team in California!

Welcome to the 2022 CA Political Leadership Fellows

We’re happy to announce Davona Watson (she/her), Dipaali Reddy (they/them), Nelson Hawkins (he/him), and Yu-Shing Ni (she/they) as the  2022 California Political Leadership Fellows ! We are grateful to everyone who applied and hope that this fellowship can continue to grow in the future. Shout out to the  2021 Fellows , the  CA Farmer Justice Collaborative Mai from Minnow , the YF  National Land  team for support in curriculum and beyond. To learn more about each 2022 Fellow,  click here!

Thank you for sharing and applying to dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版’ National Land Fellowship  – we look forward to supporting the YF CA Land Fellows who are selected in this process.

Staff Transition – we’re going to miss you Abel!

Our colleague Abel Ruiz (he/him), transitioned from his role as California Organizer at dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 this past week. Abel has been a pivotal part of YF in the last year and contributed immensely to our coalition building and powerful work in California including our Farmer Solidarity Networks (aka Chapters), the CA Fellowship, and collaborative work with the CA Farmer Justice Collaborative. We are excited for Abel to continue advocating for new and emerging farmers in Santa Ana, CA. We look forward to co-conspiring with him in new ways! Learn more about his current work at  @crececoop .

State Advocacy for a Progressive 2023 Farm Bill

The National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition has committed to work on the farm bill in the years ahead. We hope to have CA young farmers join us at in-district calls and meetings with our Members of Congress.

Join us for In-District Meetings in CA  – If interested, reach out to  hektor@youngfarmers.org !

Partner Listening Sessions in CA  –  If interested in joining a session, reach out to  tessa@calcan.org . The next one is happening at CA Small Farmers Conference (Feb 28th, Monday) with a focus on socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers, land access, and climate change!

Understand Who Reps You  – Learn more about your congressional district  here  and who’s on the House Agriculture Committee  here .

Farm Bill from a Critical Lens  – Read Semilla Center’s zine for a broad stroke history of the farm bill  here .

CA Young Farmer in the news

Check out this story by Joaquin Jimenez of Rancho San Benito  here .

Take the 2022 National Young Farmer Survey and get a 25% off Carhartt coupon and win an Avocado Mattress!

We aim to hear from 10,000 young and BIPOC farmers across the country through the  2022 Young Farmer Survey , and we know your voice will support in creating federal farm policy that serves you and your communities.

Please share it widely with your friends and networks! If you are a current or former farmer or farmworker, we want to hear from you. By taking our 2022 National Survey, you can help inform and inspire the bold policy we need for an equitable farm future. If you filled it out already, thank you, your name is in the raffle for weekly prizes!

Employment, Grants, and Learning Opportunities

Thank you for reading and sharing with others who might be interested. We wish you safety and good health!

Connecting with you from the unceded and ancestral lands of the Fernandeño-Tataviam Tribe of Mission Indians and the Muwekma Ohlone Peoples. We encourage all to continue learning and taking action to support Indigenous peoples’ efforts for sovereignty. 

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