Bari Zeiger

Bari Zeiger

Bari Zeiger is a young farmer and community organizer. Bari is currently the Director of Development and Administration at Providence Farm Collective, a Western NY organization centering the actualization of immigrant and refugee food sovereignty through nurturing access to farmland, technical assistance, markets and fresh, culturally relevant foods. Bari is the Farmer Representative of NE SARE’s Administrative Council, as well as a grant reviewer for the New England Grassroots Fund. She has participated on the National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition ad hoc Federal Policy Setting Process Committee and is on the Board of Unadilla Community Farm.

While earning a degree in Philosophy and Environmental Studies at SUNY Geneseo, Bari interned on a nearby certified organic family farm and engaged peers through organizing on-farm volunteer events and on-campus panel discussions related to sustainable food systems. In her final semester, she conducted a Directed Study on the role of structural violence in the U.S. migrant farm labor system, participated in grassroots activism as an ally for migrant dairy workers in Western NY, and co-founded the Student Coalition for Migrant Workers.

After graduating in December 2016, Bari moved to the North Carolina Foothills to serve as an apprentice at A Way of Life Farm and was involved in all aspects of commercial, diversified vegetable, herb, and fruit production, as well as the silvopasture hog operation. After, Bari managed the farm at Frost Valley YMCA, optimizing and expanding production, educational programs, and community relationships. In 2020, Bari began the process of building her own ecological, human-scale farm business, Healing Poem Farm, in Java, NY, outside of the City of Buffalo.

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