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Heart and Grain: Mai Nguyen

Follow Mai’s story  here , part of our 2017 “Heart and Grain” series.


Lindsey Lusher Shute testifies before the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, & Forestry

Read Shute’s full written testimony here .


Heart and Grain: Andrew Barsness

Follow Andrew’s story here , part of our 2017 “Heart and Grain” series.


Heart and Grain: John and Halee Wepking

Read more about John and Halee’s start in grain farming  here , part of our 2017 “Heart and Grain” series.


Conservation Generation

Learn more about the film and our accompanying 2016 report here .


Bootstrap: Chaseholm Farm

Read more about Sarah Chase’s transition of her family’s herd  here .


Bootstrap: North Country Creamery at Clover Mead Farm

Read more about Ashlee Kleinhammer’s first year producing 100% grass-fed, non GMO and Animal Welfare Approved cheese, yogurt and raw milk  here .


Bootstrap: The Golden Yolk

Read more about Laura Ginsburg’s year starting the only grass-based, seasonal dairy in Montana  here .


Build the Movement: dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Speak Up!


Build the Movement: Crop Mobs


Build the Movement: Farmer Parties


Resilient: Soil, water and the new stewards of the American West


Lindsey Lusher Shute at TEDx Manhattan

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