March 2021 FRSAN-NE Newsletter

Hi there,


Thank you for being part of the   FRSAN-NE vision  for a future where diverse farming and ranching communities in the Northeast are seamlessly connected to accessible, culturally-competent, timely, and effective mental behavioral health care and stress assistance programs that support the well-being and livelihoods of agricultural producers, workers, and their families!

Upcoming Network Events and Trainings

Cohort Kick Off

Support your work, professional development, and farmers in the Northeast by joining or creating a Cohort on March 18, 2021 from 2-3 PM! Share with your organization – honorariums available for participation and funds for Cohort projects.

Cohorts are groups of network members who will work together on a topic and develop training, bring in trainers, lift up existing programs, and more. Potential Cohorts include: BIPOC, farm worker, Extension, queer, mental health, farm communication coaching, grief and bereavement, financial stress, and beginning farmer/land access.

C lick here to join from your computer or phone

Password: BeWell


Breathwork Trainings with Hans Hageman

In a series of  three sequential 75-minute workshops,  Hans Hageman,  Land to Learn ‘s Executive Director, will help enhance your  breathwork as an individual and in your work with farming communities. We encourage participation in all three workshops. Each workshop will be capped at 30 individuals. Share with your organization and register for each below:


DAY 1: Tuesday, March 16th, 3-4:15 PM  


  • What is dysfunctional breathing? What is its impact?
  • An examination of breathing physiology and how to improve it
  • An introduction to situational breathing protocols for stress relief, better sleep, and transcendence


DAY 2: Tuesday, March 23th, 3-4:15 PM  


  • What is Polyvagal Theory and why should you care?
  • What is Conscious Breathing and how do you do it?
  • Breathwork or meditation? Do you have to choose?


DAY 3: Tuesday, March 30th, 3-4:15 PM  


  • Different breathing practices – finding a fit
  • Bringing the power of sound to the breath
  • Creating your own breathwork practice

Witness 2 Witness Program with Migrant Clinicians Network 

Migrant Clinicians Network and the Witness to Witness Program are pleased to announce a three-part series of 90-minute online seminars to be held  April 6,   April 20 , and  May 4  at  1 PM . The seminars will provide frameworks to better understand the stressors faced by service providers and the people they serve as well as strategies to enhance resilience.  Kaethe Weingarten, Ph.D., retired Harvard Medical School faculty psychologist, is the presenter.  A full description of each seminar and a profile of Dr. Weingarten will be forthcoming.  For more information now, please see:

Farmer Advisory Board: Spanish-first Applicants

FRSAN-NE ha reabierto las solicitudes para la Junta Consultiva de Agricultores para agricultores de habla hispana. La Junta Consultiva de Agricultores nos dará  ideas sobre las direcciones, los objetivos y el contenido de la Red en con respecto a los recursos, capacitaciones y comunicaciones. Los miembres* de la Junta Asesora de Agricultores recibirán estipendios pagados.

¡ Comparta la  llamada  con los agricultores de sus comunidades!  Las solicitudes  se piden antes del 22 de marzo de 2021 .

*Usamos lenguaje que reconoce a todos los géneros.


FRSAN-NE has re-opened applications to the 10-member Farmer Advisory Board to Spanish-first speaking farmers. The Farmer Advisory Board will provide producer input on the Network’s directions, goals, and content in resources, trainings, and communications. The Farmer Advisory Board members will receive  paid  stipends .


Please share the  call  with  Spanish-first farmers  in your communities!  Applications  are due March 22, 2021 .

Network Member Feature:  Farm Aid

About Farm Aid

Farm Aid’s mission is to keep family farmers on the land. Though best known for their annual music, food and farm festival, Farm Aid works each and every day, year-round to build a system of agriculture that values family farmers, good food, soil and water, and strong communities. Farm Aid is key player in FRSAN in the Northeast and West regions,  providing  direct resources to farmers .

Learn more  about Farm Aid’s day-to-day work to celebrate and strengthen farmers, advocate for fair farm policies, connect farmers and eaters, and bring family farm food to everyone.

Farm Aid Hotline

Through the  1-800-FARM-AID hotline and email service , Farm Aid’s in-house Hotline Staff refers farmers to an extensive network of family farm and rural support organizations across the country. Referrals provide immediate support to farm families in crisis and farmers seeking to transition to more sustainable farming practices, as well as for individuals looking to become farmers.

If you need to talk to someone directly, we are here to listen. You can call our farmer hotline at  1-800-FARM-AID (1-800-327-6243) . Farmer Services staff answer the hotline  Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST .

Farm Aid and FRSAN-NE


Maddie Lutkewitte  is Farm Aid’s  Hotline Program Manager , answering calls and emails from farmers across the country and working one-on-one to address their needs. Maddie comes to Farm Aid after completing the University of Vermont’s Farmer Training Program, where she learned to grow vegetables, operate tractors, and to create and review farm financial documents. While farming, her long-held appreciation for those who grow our food sparked an interest in directly serving farmers and their communities. Prior to farming, she worked as consultant for IBM. Outside of the office, she loves swimming in almost any body of water, hiking, and finding new things that Boston has to offer. Maddie serves on FRSAN-NE’s Advisory Team as well as multiple Working Groups.

Contact Maddie at

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