Rev Dele

Rev Dele is a grandmother and spiritual leader with a prophetic calling to ground heaven on earth through strengthening our oneness with nature. She teaches that justice begins with the inner balance we experience in Nature and then flows throughout human relationships in social, political and economic systems.

With a personal Indigenous lineage including Yoruba, Akan, Cherokee and Mig Maw, Rev Dele was blessed to become an Odicini within the Akan Spiritual United Order just before she was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1999. Trained as a Climate Reality Leader in 2014 in Johannesburg she combines her spiritual direction skills to guide the next generation of resilience leaders in faith, ecology and economic empowerment.

A dynamic storyteller, Dele’s children’s book, “ Daughter of the Tree ,” inspires us with the childhood spiritual formation of Sojourner Truth in nature. “ Breath of Life ” is her Creation Care Bible study. “Let Heav’n Nature Sing” is an e-book climate devotional.

A lifelong social weaver raised on the front lines of social change, Dele has developed programs with national impact in California, Oklahoma, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and now New York. She can testify before the Environmental Protection Agency and stir up climate justice initiatives while teaching you to still your breath and calm your mind. Merging contemplation and permaculture, Dele has launched national initiatives to calm our social and climate chaos as well. Invite her to speak to your community so you too may experience greater inner and outer resilience!


Permaculture professor at College of William & Mary

Visiting professor at Virginia Union University

Permaculture Consultant at Baylor University


Facilitating Director/President, Permaculture Association of the Northeast

Council Member, National Congress of Black American Indians

United Church of Christ Climate Justice Council

Cooperative Gardens Commission

Northeast Farmers of Color Network

Hudson Valley Prosperity Network

Hudson Valley Cooperative Fund


Dele’s B.A. is from University of California-Riverside and M.Div. from Howard University School of Divinity. She maintains Christian and Indigenous affiliations.

Contact: , 804-389-5150.

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