Water for the Next Generation Campaign

The future of agriculture depends on water.

Our water systems should foster vibrant agricultural communities, healthy ecosystems, and water justice for indigenous communities and other people of color. Public policy should protect water for agriculture, support on-farm conservation that can conserve and protect clean water resources, and ensure access to clean drinking water. We seek changes to improve access to critical conservation practices, as well as risk management programs that can protect farmers from droughts, floods, and other extreme weather. Lastly, we need investments in agriculture research to support access to irrigated farmland, clean drinking water, and promote responsible water use. 

The National dota2(江苏)决赛下载v1.6版 Coalition works across our network to protect water for agriculture, promote the good stewardship of that water, assist farmers and ranchers in adapting to drought and climate change, and provide young farmers and ranchers the resources they need to enter roles of water leadership. We do this through farmer-led policy reform, developing farmer leadership in water policy, and collaborative partnerships at the nexus of agriculture and conservation.

To ensure a future with farmers, we must first ensure a future with water, and young farmers are helping lead the way.


2022 Water Access Policy Recommendations


Learn about our Colorado Water and Equity Partnership.

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